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Safety First

In order to stay safe and healthy, all drills can be, and should be, completed on your own. Do not play at the park if others are there. During athletic activities, the virus can spread further than normal. Please be safe and have fun!

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How To Play

1) Complete the sign-up form so we have your information in case we need to contact you.

2) Upload, or email, Coach Hower ([email protected]) your Bitmoji for the leaderboard. Go to bitmoji and click the gear icon – be creative!

3) See the drill list and points values (Click Here)

4) Try to complete at least 21 ball handling drills, 21 shooting drills, and 3 workouts per week.

5) Record points each day after you complete a session on the record your points page.

6) Watch yourself climb the leaderboards

Map Of outdoor Courts That Still Have Rims